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Please note...

Maggie is currently on compassionate leave so the Trycycling monthly rides are suspended from June 09 onwards, we look forward to resuming the rides in 2010. Information about other cycle rides in the city can be obtained from Cycling Edinburgh

Maggie looks at emails from time to time and will respond to enquiries.

Thanks to Neil Robertson & all others who have helped to co-ordinate/lead the rides in the first half of 2009.

This site is part of a campaign to encourage and support more people to ride bicycles in Edinburgh.

The cycling organisations (Spokes, Sustrans, CTC, Cycling Scotland & The Bike Station) are working together to organise TryCycling events & stalls at some of the summer festivals, as well as introductory rides throughout the year.

All the rides are FREE, but booking is recommended from the link in the rides page.

We want to put you in touch with some of the services that can help you start cycling, and hear about the things you think will help you and your family to ride more often.

The results of a recent Edinburgh survey show that 40% of the commuters questioned who don't presently cycle to work might consider doing so from time to time.

family on cycle ride

Maggie Wynn, co-ordinator of TryCycling in Edinburgh, says:

"At this time of year we are all looking for ways to get fitter, to find some quality time and to save money. Cycling is unique. Cycling, provides the solution to these dilemmas."

The survey was conducted last summer at a number of outdoor festival events. The results show that almost 50% of those surveyed live within three miles of their place of work or study. It also showed that the three main factors for people choosing either to start cycling or to cycle more are: firstly to get fit, secondly for leisure, & thirdly, to reduce transport costs.

As Maggie says:

"Cycling is an activity that can be persued for active travel & also for pleasure. The former can be incorporated into your normal day, saving you time & money; the latter can be enjoyed with friends."

One option might be to cycle to work one morning, leaving the bike there, and cycle back from work the next day. This will boost your physical & mental well being, and possibly your finances too.

Adding a leisure ride at the weekend will gradually build up fitness levels and make cycling easier. You don't need to cycle every day, just change your routine to include regular cycling.

More & more people are cycling in Edinburgh - why not join them !

TryCycling In Edinburgh

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